Ground Rules

Above all, conduct yourself in such a manner that ground rules are unnecessary. Following are some general guidelines.

Please do not use profanities, racial epithets, or offensive language of any kind. Anyone using such language will be removed from the list. The membership and the moderators will decide what is profane or offensive.

Do not "flame" other members. This is a friendly list, not a forum for insults or abuse. Polite dissension and civil debate are welcome, but please direct ad hominem comments to off-list authors and scholars only. Most of the members on the list are amateurs, and if someone lacks knowledge in a certain area, respond with enthusiastic and encouraging correction rather than written punitive condemnation. In short, be nice.

Off-topic messages are proper if they are of potential interest to the membership at large. If the membership or the moderators feel a topic is improper, the author will be asked to desist.