Gallery - Giza

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Great Pyramid. Aerial View at Giza. Stone Platform from east. Khufu Platform 1.
Khufu Platform 2. Khufu Platform 3. Buildup Road. Edited image of Jon's Giza.
Cropped section w Tomb. Anc. Causeway Giza SE Menkaure. W Mastaba Field GP on right. Quarry causeway.
Khentkawes Tomb at Giza. S Mastaba Fld Giza (labels). Area SW of Menkaure's encl. Additional Gable Sets.
Charlie at the Gables. GP under the gables. Giza Plateau Map. Giza Plateau Map.
Giza Schematic Diagram. Giza 1 Aerial View. Giza From Space. Isis Temple at Giza.
Pyramid and Wall West Side. Giza S Mastaba Fld to Giza wall. Khufu's N Ramp. Stone Platform from west.
Stone Platform Notes.      

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