Thoth-Scribe Photo and File Archives

The following photos and files were removed from the Yahoo! Thoth-Scribe website due to their size or complexity, mainly to conserve our allotted bandwidth.

Giza On the plateau.

Gods and Monsters The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous pictures relating to Egypt (mostly modern).

Palermo Scans of the Palermo Stone and associated fragments.

Reliefs & Hieroglyphics Writing on the walls and elsewhere.

Reliefs & Hieroglyphics (2) More writing on the walls and elsewhere.

Reliefs & Hieroglyphics (3) Yet more writing on the walls and elsewhere.

Temples and Tombs Spritual dwellings for the sacred and the profane.

Luxor's mummification museum

Menkaure's coffer Menkaure's now lost coffer found in his pyramid.

Three Archaic Egyptian Constellations Used as Seasonal Markers? By J.D. Degreef. The religious beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians during prehistoric times and the Archaic Period, i.e. before the pyramid age, remain shrouded in mystery. Even more so the astronomical concepts of the time. This article presents evidence for the existence of an astronomical system marking the seasons, older than the decanal and zodiacal systems.